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Get to know the family assistance tool that fits in the palm of your hand and helps dads, moms, and kids to locate each other, get organized, and communicate.
Two smartphones with the app open

Family assistant

The ZoeMob family assistant is a service created to bring together parents and children

It allows the whole family to stay safe, communicate better and organize its activities and commitments together. All you need is to install the ZoeMob Family Assistant application on your smartphones

Map with the location of parents and kids
Creation of an event for the family agenda
Private chat for all members of the family
Speed monitoring resource for children


Knowing where your family members are isn't enough. That's why we're doing more

For families, more important than knowing the location of each family member is knowing how they are doing. That's why we believe that maps only make sense if we can understand their context and the world around people.

Map with address of location of family member

Organization and planning

More than a simple agenda, an automatic and intelligent service

The dynamics of family life are becoming more complicated every day. Events and commitments that involve children, school and friends require tools that help us in the organization and daily planning of activities.

Notice for the entire family for birthday dates of friends in common


When it comes to family, every message we get has the power to warm our hearts

Nothing is better than feeling like the people you love are always close by. Dads, Moms and children need to maintain constant, richer, and more meaningful interaction all the time, and above all when they are not near each other.

Exchanging messages between family members in the chat


Pin icon that represents the location resources

Map location

  • - Location history
  • - Real time location
  • - Location monitoring
Agenda icon that represents the verification and organization resources

Organization and planning

  • - Family agenda
  • - Permissions for children
  • - Shared annotations
Speech bubble that represents communication resources


  • - Private communicator
  • - Panic button
  • - Support

Your family is with you even when you're not nearby

Download the ZoeMob app to begin

Compatible with Android and iOS devices

11 million families around the world are using it already