About ZoeMob

What happens to your loved ones when they are not with you?

Beyond just creating a mobile service for protecting families, this question led us to develop a concept, a new way of looking at the technology available on mobile devices today with smartphones and tablets.

ZoeMob was developed to help people not only in order to answer that question, but above all because technology only makes sense if it benefits people. This is the spirit of our company, and of all the professionals that contribute towards developing and distributing ZoeMob around the world.

With ZoeMob, our aim is to offer individuals and families the means to help protect, monitor and remotely manage personal information and details that may have a significant impact on their personal and professional lives and on their relationships.

And the best proof that we're doing the right thing is when we see you know the answer to the question below:

What is the best way to know what happens to your loved ones when they are away from you?

ZoeMob – Your Family Assistant Service


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Your family is with you even when you're not nearby